07 November, 2008

Hair removal called no!no! uses heat, removes all the unwanted hair

Unwanted hair is, besides unwanted (d’oh), sometimes hard to remove. Well, I’ve stumbled upon this little thingie called “no!no!”. Its makers say that it’s the most convenient and easy to use electrical hair removal.

Because, they say, it conducts heat down the spine of hair shafts, until it (the heat) reaches the follicle, disrupting the hair growth cycle. So it’s somehow like a laser treatment, only without the laser part.

The main advantage of no!no! seems to be the fact that anyone can use it, on any type of hair. With no pain, apparently. I’d buy two! Or four, since they come in four colors: pink, blue, black and black/red. You can get one from here, but make sure you have $250 to spend!

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