09 November, 2008

Super Mario shaves the princess

When he is not replaced by Barack Obama, Super Mario might interpret words a little bit different...

You can find more cool comics at ExtraLife by Scott Johnson.

Samsung Cleo, a chic mobile phone

Samsung is not my favorite mobile phone brand (not that I have anything against it), but this new Samsung Cleo is really interesting.

It’s a compact flip phone that looks really pretty and has a full QWERTY keypad, so you can quickly write anything you want.

Samsung Cleo also has a 1.3MP cam - not that cool :( - MP3 player, Bluetooth and other useful features.

Too bad this is out only in Canada.

Kitty Mouse and Doggy Mouse make cute couple

If you’re bored of your regular mouse and want to give your work desk a more childish look, you might like these two mouse devices.

The Kitty Mouse and the Doggy Mouse surely don't have the functionality of a plain and simple mouse, but at least people will smile when seeing them :)

You can buy a Kitty Mouse from here and a Doggy Mouse from here. Each of them cost €30 – about $38.

07 November, 2008

Hair removal called no!no! uses heat, removes all the unwanted hair

Unwanted hair is, besides unwanted (d’oh), sometimes hard to remove. Well, I’ve stumbled upon this little thingie called “no!no!”. Its makers say that it’s the most convenient and easy to use electrical hair removal.

Because, they say, it conducts heat down the spine of hair shafts, until it (the heat) reaches the follicle, disrupting the hair growth cycle. So it’s somehow like a laser treatment, only without the laser part.

The main advantage of no!no! seems to be the fact that anyone can use it, on any type of hair. With no pain, apparently. I’d buy two! Or four, since they come in four colors: pink, blue, black and black/red. You can get one from here, but make sure you have $250 to spend!

06 November, 2008

Super Obama World – a Super Mario with Barack Obama, pigs and US flags

If you like Barack Obama and Super Mario (or at least one of the two), you’ll like this game too!

It’s called Super Obama World and it takes the old Super Mario world and puts Obama into it. You have to gather cash and US flags, while killing pigs and villains. Cool :)

Check it out here, you can play online for free, courtesy of ZenSoft.

Solar Light Cap is cool and green

I don’t like to wear caps, but here’s one that would make an exception: the Solar Light Cap.

It has a solar panel stuffed somewhere in it and two LED spotlights that provide enough light so that you can read or see anything when in the dark (I first wrote “when in the dork”, hm).

The solar panel charges with sunlight, of course, so you have to take the cap out on a sunny day if you want it to work. About 2 hours of direct sunlight are enough to make the LEDs stay bright for up to 18 hours!

But what if it rains on it, won’t the panel and the electrical stuff go bye-bye? Well, no. The cap is waterproof. So you can even go scuba diving with it, though I’m not sure who would actually do that.

The Solar Light Cap costs $35 and it can be bought from ThinkGeek, one of my favorite websites!